HIGHER EDUCATION signage design


Universities, museums, libraries and other higher education institutions are highly interactive spaces. The flow of people is constant. Without a purposeful navigational experience, well, then it’s just chaos. That’s why our designers take a human-centered approach to college campus, library and museum wayfinding and signage. Focusing on the needs of people allows us to make the journey through your space more engaging. More effortless. And more memorable (which is especially important on college campuses, where first impressions are everything).

We also take advantage of the architecture that often abounds at educational establishments. We seamlessly weave our design plan into the unique essence of your space. Our designers carefully craft the signage to not only be informative, but also feel like an inherent part of your brand and a natural extension of the story. It’s higher education signage that serves a higher purpose.

McCormick Theological Seminary
Mount Prospect Public Library
Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art

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