HOSPITALITY signage & design


Every impression matters in the hospitality industry. From arriving at your front entrance to settling into their stay, visitors have incredibly high expectations. How you live up to them will determine if they visit again. That’s why we put your guests at the center of the design experience. Not a single detail is overlooked. We carefully choose materials, meticulously map out placements and precisely determine the size of elements to craft a guest experience that’s completely unforgettable.

Even signage and wayfinding are seamlessly integrated into the overarching design plan, so guests not only move effortlessly through your space, but also have an exceptionally pleasant experience on their journey. It’s all part of bringing the uniqueness of your brand to life. We push far beyond the boundaries of common signage, using texture, illumination, color and other distinctive design elements in highly uncommon ways. This provides your guests with a one-of-a-kind first impression and a never-will-forget lasting impression.

Hoxton Hotel

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