This company was the largest producer of private pet food in the world. But after a series of capital acquisitions that spurred rapid growth, the company’s celebrated culture started to fracture. Their new corporate headquarters development was seen as the catalyst to bring the culture back together by bringing all the new acquisitions under a single roof.

Forcade worked with this company and their interior design firm to develop a compelling theme that spoke to the soul of the brand. Our goal was to clearly communicate the cultural tenets that made the company so special for all those who worked for it.

Putting pets in the center

Our approach to branding an office usually starts with the humans who inhabit the space. But in this situation, we began with their four-legged friends. The one thing that brought all the people who worked for Doane together was a genuine love for pets. So we made the interior of the corporate headquarters feel like a park-like setting. We wanted to make it feel like you weren’t just coming to work, but rather like you were coming to your favorite place with your favorite furry friend. So no matter what acquisition brought you to Doane, you found instant comfort in its culture.

Bringing the outdoors in

We created an uplit forest of trees, leaf-motif signage and nature-inspired architectural shapes to bring the relaxation of a day spent outdoors with your pet into every day inside the office. It was designed to inspire and motivate employees to bring their passion to their work.

As employees “strolled” through this park-like setting, they encountered powerful, large format branded graphics. These featured larger-than-life pet photographs and statements that highlighted the benefits pets have on people. This impactful storytelling served as a constant reminder why the work the employees were doing was so important to all the people who relied on their products. 


Through captivating brand graphics, alluring architectural aesthetic and compelling storytelling, Forcade successfully transformed a fractured culture by transforming an office into a beautiful branded experience. We used interior design in highly unique ways to embody what matters most inside the hearts of Doane employees.


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